Vagina Pumps stimulate blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition and increase the receptor sensitivity of massaged organs.

The female pump is designed for vacuum massage of the breast in order to correct its shape and increase elasticity. Some models of female pumps are designed for vacuum massage of the clitoris and / or nipples of the breast, i.e. are a means of preventing the reduced excitability of these organs.

The action of the massager is based on the vacuum effect, when by creating a negative atmospheric pressure area in a special device, usually a flask, a rush of blood to the massaged organs is caused.

Types of devices for pumping air out of the flask: pear, piston or electric pump.

Some pumps have special silicone inserts in the flasks to enhance the massage effect.

The pump can be additionally equipped with a mechanism that provides vibration and / or translational movement of a special insert in the flask.

Preparation for use:

  1. Wash the product with warm water and soap, avoiding moisture on the electrical part of the device (if any).
  2. Assemble the product as shown on the packaging or special diagram if the product is sold unassembled:

attach a vacuum bulb to the flask; with the wide end, put the required nozzle and / or seal on the free

the end of the flask; fill the narrow end of the nozzle and / or sealant into the flask.

  1. Apply a special water-soluble lubricant to the nozzle and/or seal.
  2. Insert the required number of autonomous batteries (batteries) into the massager, if the product is equipped with an electric pump or an additional mechanism for vibration and / or translational movement. In this case, it is imperative to observe the polarity of the batteries, according to the diagram available in the case or the remote control of the products. The regulation of the degree and frequency of vibration, the intensity of the translational movement is provided by wheels or buttons located on the built-in or remote control panels for products.
  3. After use, the product is washed with warm water and soap.

Massage technique:

  1. Insert the organ to be massaged into the opening of the nozzle and / or seal, with one hand firmly pressing the flask to the body and holding it.
  2. Close the air valve (located on the corrugated tube next to the pear) or the hole in the flask.
  3. With the other hand, using a device for evacuating air, evacuate the cavity of the flask.
  4. Hold the massaged organ under vacuum for 30 seconds. In this case, there will be slight redness and an increase of approximately 1-2 cm of the massaged organ.
  5. By pressing the air valve or opening the hole, let air into the flask.
  6. Hold the flask with air for 1 minute.
  7. Repeat the procedures indicated in paragraphs 1-6 10-15 times, depending on the comfort of your condition.

Duration and frequency of procedures:

For the first two weeks, observe the following frequency of procedures: daily, at a convenient time, preferably 1-2 hours before bedtime, perform 10-15 acts of vacuuming and filling with air according to the above scheme; starting from the third week, the duration of vacuuming can be increased to 1 minute, be sure to increase the rest time to 2 minutes.

Product care:

  1. Grease-based or oil-based lubricants, such as vaseline, sunflower oil and their derivatives, must not be used as a lubricant.
  2. It is forbidden to boil the product and / or douse it with boiling water.
  3. When transferring the product for use to another person, it is necessary to additionally treat the product with a small amount of 0.1% solution of chlorhexidine bigluconate or Miramistin solution, then rinse with warm water and soap, avoiding moisture on the electrical part of the device.
  4. If the nozzle and / or seal are made of ultralatex material (patented names Cyberskin, New Futurotic Material, Ultraskin, Magik Flesh), then after use, the nozzle and / or seal must be treated with talc or baby powder for further storage.

Storage: The product should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 35C in a dry place protected from the sun.

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