Best Waterproof Sex Toys for Men

Best Waterproof Sex Toys for Men

Best Waterproof Sex Toys for Men

Best Waterproof Sex Toys for Men

Best Waterproof Sex Toys for Men – Best and common places for men to masturbate is in the shower or bath but did you know there are some amazing waterproof sex toys that are guaranteed to make his bathtime fun even better!

While men are definitely getting better at talking to their mates about this stuff, unless they go into an adult shop, or see a men’s magazine listicle come across their social media, there’s not a lot of information out there about them that they’ll see in every day life.

So here’s my list of some of the best bathroom sex toys for men that you’ll absolutely want to tell your mates about and recommend.


One of the original and the best penis sleeves on the market, Fleshlight really do know dicks and what they like. They’ve got styles and designs for all penises, all shapes and all sizes. You can learn how to last longer, and you can even use them virtually with amazing modern technology and, one of the best accessories they come with is an attachment that sticks it to your shower wall so you can play hands free!

Check out Fleshlight Turbo™ which provides mind-blowing sensations and the most realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex.

Fleshlight Classic Pink™ Lady package is perfect for first time buyers and has a patented SuperSkin interior that is designed to give you a realistic and utterly erotic experience. 

Seriously do yourself a favour. The shower attachment is inexpensive and will fit any existing or new Fleshlight!


Penis pumps get a bit of a bad rap sometimes but they’re actually a really effective, non medical way to help some people with erectile issues or longevity issues. While over-use can sometimes be a bit wearing on the sensitive skin and blood vessels in the area, water pumps, like Bathmate, help to relieve a lot of that pressure and can be used far more frequently and for pleasure uses as well as technical ones. They come in different sizes for different all penises and are super easy to use in the bath or shower.

Pulse Duo toys by Hot Octopus

We’ve talked about the Pulse range before and I will always try and slot them into penis sex toy lists because not only are they excellent, they’re also pretty unique in the way they work. It doesn’t matter if you’re hard or soft, and they’ve actually been designed specifically for people with low mobility issues because, once it’s on, you don’t need to use your hands much at all. Taking the disability world by storm as one of the very first products made with disability in mind, I will always recommend them. They even have toys for (hetero) couples so even if your penis doesn’t do what the books tell you it should be doing, you can both achieve pleasure and intimacy together.

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