Anal beads and chains – how to use

anal beads and chains

Anal beads and chains – how to use

Anal beads and chains – how to use – Sex toys for adults help couples to have new, more intense sensations. Accessories for anal sex, no matter how exotic it may seem, are of interest to almost 30 percent of buyers of sex shops. These are men and women, and beginners, and pros who have appreciated the beauty of anal caresses.

In the category of anal toys, various accessories are presented, among which chains, beads and Christmas trees are in consistently high demand.

And beads, and chains, and Christmas trees are a set of balls of different or the same diameter strung on a base, made of various materials. Usually they are separated as follows: in the anal herringbone, the beads are strung without gaps and with each row their diameter increases, and in beads and chains there is some distance between them.


   1. Material. Beads are elastic and hard, made of silicone or plastic, metal, glass. Compliant latex toys are the best option for beginners who are not experienced in anal pleasures. Glass and steel are the material for experienced thrill-seekers who are ready to experiment. For example, metal beads can be heated in warm water before use and this will give new interesting sensations.

   2. The number of beads is different – from a few to 10 or more.

   3. The diameter of the beads strung on the base can be the same or gradually increase from 1 to 5 cm. Beginners are advised to start getting used to anal penetration with the smallest beads. A gradual increase in diameter will help you quickly adapt to new sensations.

4. Surface texture. Beads are smooth and embossed.

5. Shape – balls, hearts, cones, etc.

6. Design. The usual option is a single chain with a suction cup or limiter at the end. There are models double, triple, double-sided.


The scope of anal toys is extensive:

  • To prepare the external anal sphincter for penile penetration. For this, anal beads / Christmas trees are used, as well as special plugs.
  • Simultaneous use during vaginal sex for a variety of sensations
  • Preventive and therapeutic prostate massage. The reciprocating movement of the beads at the entrance to the rectum stimulates the blood circulation of the tissues of the prostate gland, helps to eliminate stagnant processes.
  • Massage stimulation of the prostate provides more intense orgasmic waves.
  • Foreplay of intimacy of a couple.
  • Masturbation solo or in pairs.

Anal chains are a universal sex device for beginners and experienced experimenters.

Unprepared anal sex will bring nothing but discomfort and negative impressions. The fact is that the anus, unlike the vagina, does not secrete a secret lubricant and therefore you need to take care of a high-quality anal lubricant. The lubricant can be silicone, oil or water based. Silicone lubricants provide the longest lasting effect, but they are not compatible with silicone sex toys. If the anal chain is made of elastic or silicone, then a water-based lubricant is the best solution. But it will have to be added periodically, since aqueous lubricants dry out quickly.


The next point is the observance of elementary hygiene rules. You need to prepare for anal sex – clean the rectum with a small enema. Otherwise, don’t be surprised by unpleasant surprises that can ruin the romantic aura of sex play.

Before and after anal sex, the beads must be thoroughly wiped with a special antiseptic or antibacterial soap.

The main condition for anal sex is mutual consent and absolute trust of both partners. An inexperienced girl needs to relax and anal beads will help her with this.

At the first use, the movements should be as delicate as possible both during penetration and during extraction from the anus. An experienced partner can practice more daring movements, up to a sharp extraction of the anal chain when an orgasm approaches, this will increase the strength of orgasm several times!

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