6 types of anal toys

6 types of anal toys

6 types of anal toys

6 types of anal toys – Anal sex toys can help you prepare for anal intercourse, enhance your solo play, or add a new level of sensation while having sex with your partner.

What are anal sex toys?

Anal sex toys stimulate the nerve endings in the anus. For men, some anal sex toys are designed to stimulate the prostate. For women, anal sex toys can put pressure on the anterior fornix erogenous zone, also known as the A-spot, located inside the vagina between the cervix and bladder. Anal sex toys are usually made from a non-porous material such as medical grade silicone, glass, or stainless steel. When used safely, anal sex toys can bring a whole new element to a sexual encounter or anal masturbation session, bringing you closer to anal orgasm.

6 types of anal sex toys

If anal play is your thing, consider using one of these anal sex toys to explore different sensations in your sex life.

  1. Anal Beads: These  are spheres, usually made of silicone, glass, or stainless steel, connected together with a cord, usually with a loop on the end for easy removal. Anal beads are designed to stimulate your nerves when removed. For optimal use, try pulling them straight during climax. For beginners, anal beads are a great introduction to anal play. Remember to apply a generous amount of lubricant before each use and reapply regularly.
  2. Butt plugs:  designed to be inserted into the anus and remain there during intercourse. For ease of insertion, anal plugs are narrower at the tip and wider in the middle. The fork end usually has a thinner neck followed by a flared base for safety. Butt plugs can be smooth or textured, and some vibrate for added stimulation. The highest quality plugs are usually made from a non-porous material such as silicone or stainless steel. If you’re interested in trying anal sex with your partner, butt plugs are a way to get used to the feel of the sphincter muscles. Consider anal sex training kits , which include several plugs of different sizes.
  3. Anal dildos:  stimulate erogenous zones inside the anal cavity. Anal dildos usually have a slight curve and a wider base, and some are designed to be attached to strap-ons and used for pegging. For women, anal dildos can create the sensation of double penetration during intercourse. Consider starting with a small sex toy like anal beads before moving on to dildos.
  4. Prostate Massagers:  Stimulates the prostate gland, which is a walnut-sized organ located under the bladder and above the base of the penis. Prostate massagers usually have smooth, rounded tips for easy insertion. Most are curved to press against the part of the rectum that rests against the prostate, also known as the P-spot. Some prostate massagers include a vibration mode. Others are designed with an external component that presses against the perineum, the area between the anus and the scrotum, providing additional external stimulation to the prostate.
  5. Inflatable Anal Toys:  Similar to butt plugs but with a hand pump. Once the cork is in place, you can gently inflate it for a fuller sensation. Anal massager vibration allow you to safely stretch your anus to the desired level. If the toy seems too heavy or large, you can quickly deflate it and put it away.
  6. Anal Hooks: Commonly used in BDSM play, anal hooks are curved metal rods, usually in the shape of a J. They often have a ball on the shorter curved side for anal insertion and a ring on the opposite side for rope attachment. Anal hooks , like some other BDSM toys, are designed to hold the wearer in a submissive position.

Basic Safety in Anal Sex

Proper hygiene is essential for safe anal play. To prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections or bacteria that naturally live in the anus, be sure to wash your anal toys before and after each use with warm water and a mild soap or sex toy cleaner .

When choosing a toy for anal sex, be sure to pay attention to the loop handle or flared base. This ensures that the toy does not accidentally slip into the rectum. Anal toys also require lubrication since the anus does not naturally produce lubrication.

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